Nearby Open Spaces

The EPA defines open space as any piece of open land that is undeveloped and accessible to the public - for more information, see their website.


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community gardens

The New Haven Land Trust runs nearly 50 community gardens across the city, with 10 across the Hill and 4 specifically in the Hill South Neighborhood. The three nearest are on Columbus Ave, Arthur St and Rosette St, each approximately 500m away.

In addition to the initial project, community gardens require committed volunteers to build and grow a successful garden.

Dog PArks

While dogs are welcome at all of New Haven's parks, there are limited places where dogs are allowed off-leash and only three dedicated dog parks in the city. The nearest is Union Street Dog Park, approximately 1,500m away.

Dog parks require gated double fencing and ground cover.

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In addition to neighborhood school playgrounds, the City's Parks and Recreation Department operates 26 playgrounds across New Haven. In addition to the playgrounds at nearby Hill Central and Clemente Leadership Academy, the nearest are 400m away at Trowbridge Square Park and 600m away at Galvin Playground.

Relatively, playgrounds are more expensive projects, need ongoing maintenance, and require additional consideration for children's safety (traffic, health). Additionally, there are already 4 playgrounds within a short distance.